Patio Skills Workshop

Gain the skills you need to enjoy time at your favorite restaurant, cafe, vineyard, brewery or anywhere dogs are allowed. We will help teach your dogs to ignore distractions, settle in a busy environment, to be able to focus around smells, people, and other dogs. We'll help so you can confidently go out this summer with your dog by your side.

This is a two part workshop on July 7th and July 14th 

1st lesson is at our facility in Monroe July 7th 6-7:30pm. Snack will be provided.

Here we will work on things like...

-walking on a loose leash through tight spaces

-Calmly walk and settle by other dogs

-Settling on a mat while you are busy talking and eating. 

-Polite greetings

- leave-its around food

2nd lesson will be at a patio setting like a brewery or vineyard (location TBD)  on July 14th 6-7:30 where we will put our skills to the test in a real life setting. Depending on where we go you will either need to purchase dinner or bring your own dinner. 

This workshop is for dogs who are over 5 months old and have taken a basic obedience class or have a foundation for leash walking, sit, down, stay.  This class is not for dogs that are reactive (barking/lunging) or aggressive towards other dogs or people.