Online Training Classes

Puppy Foundations Online: 

In this 4 week class we focus on foundations for attention, recall, leash walking, impulse control and stays all while playing games and having fun with your dog. We work on important foundations that some trainers over look while just working on more obedience like sit and down .  With these foundations everything else like leash walking behaving around distractions etc, will be much easier. We'll also be going over exercises that are good for confidence building, socializing the proper way, mouthing, etc. There's a lot of information in this class and you'll have the videos and literature to go back on and watch again. 

Each Sunday we will email a link to a video with lesson plans for the week. In the video we go over each exercise and show an example of how to do it.  You will also get a homework plan sent with the video link. During the week a trainer will be available through email with any questions or concerns. At the end of the week you can submit your own video for feedback or written summary on how everything is going.

This class can be done in the comfort of your own home. It's like having your own personal trainer in your back pocket!

This class is  $150