Creating Well Mannered Dogs Through Positive Reinforcement

Welcome to All That Canine, LLC. We are located in Monroe, CT. Our goal is to create happy, confident, well behaved dogs. We get these results by making desired behaviors fun and rewarding so your dog will naturally want to do them.

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All That Canine, LLC trainers never use fear, pain, or intimidation when training. They believe in game based, force free methods to get desired results in preventing and solving behavioral problems.

Meet our Team:

Linda Mazzeo has been training dogs for 20+ years. She believes in using positive methods to achieve amazing dog training results, using praise, food, toys & games while having fun. She’s worked with all age canines, puppies, rescue & shelter dogs with many different behavioral issues. Linda worked for a service dog organization for 6+ years as lead trainer for service dogs, therapy and facility dogs, administered the public access test to clients with their new service dogs.

Some of her achievements past and present are as follows:

  • Control Unleashed Certified Instructor
  • Licensed volunteer Team Evaluator for the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program
  • Pro Dog Trainer Certified
  • Certified Service dog Instructor.
  • AKC ~Trick Dog & Canine Good Citizen evaluator
  • Canine Conditioning Coach
  • Red Cross Dog and Cat First Aid certified

Linda keeps her skills sharp by reading, watching webinars and attending seminars as much as possible by the top trainers and behaviorists in the world.

As a dog trainer Linda has devoted herself to coaching clients & their dogs. Providing the most effective, convenient solutions to her clients’ dog training needs. Linda resides in Monroe, Connecticut along with her husband, three children and her furry friends.

She looks forward to getting to know you and your dog.

Erica Kasper has been training and working with dogs for the last 20 years. She has worked and trained many different breeds of all ages. She has worked with puppies first starting out in life to shelter dogs with behavioral issues, to training service dogs and giving the public access test to clients and their service dogs. Erica has most recently worked as a lead trainer at a service dog organization.  

Some of her achievements past and present are as follows:

  • Pro Dog Trainer Certified 
  • Certified Service dog Instructor
  • AKC Trick Dog & Canine Good Citizen evaluator
  • AKC Fit dog instructor
  • Canine Conditioning Coach
  • Red Cross Dog and Cat First Aid certified

Erica believes in developing a deep relationship with dogs that is built on respect and trust. She gets this through using positive motivation rather than fear based training. Training is never a chore but something fun that makes the dog want to keep coming back for more. She has a special passion for puppies and helping their owners get them started on the right path to a confident well rounded dog. As dog training evolves, Erica believes in always continuing her education. She continues to take classes and attend seminars on many different subjects in dog training. Erica enjoys agility, trick training, rally obedience, scent work and more with her dogs. She shares her life with her husband , dogs (Ibizan Hound and Australian Koolie), cats, goats, geese, ducks and chickens.

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