Pop Up Classes

Pop Up Classes

We will hold different Pop-Up classes on Saturdays. They will be listed here as soon as we schedule them so keep watch! 

Two Puppy Fun Foundation classes Scheduled for Saturday November 7th at 9:30am and 11:00am

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Some of our pop-up classes include:

Puppy Fun Foundations: This 50 minute class will help your puppy build confidence, body awareness and focus all while having fun.  This class will boost optimism in your puppy as they walk and climb on our obstacle course with different surfaces & textures. This is done with the guidance of you and an instructor. This is a great way to socialize your puppy to new sights and sounds.  Bring plenty of tasty treats with you, a flat collar or harness and 4-6ft leash (no flexi-leashes).  This class is for puppies 5 months and younger.

Canine Good Citizen Prep Class - This 50 minute class is for dogs who are almost ready to take the Canine Good Citizen Test but need some brush-up and practice on their skills. To find out more about Canine Good Citizen click here.

Canine Good Citizen Test

And More!

Social Distancing Guidelines & Infectious Disease Plan For The Training Center Guidelines for Clients 

1. All clients must wear a face mask that covers both nose & mouth. Face masks must be on when they come into the building & stay on. If clients need a break from their face mask, they must step outside. 

2. Up to two people allowed per dog. 

3. All clients (both people & dogs) must stay 6 feet apart or more, even if they know each other. 

4. Clients will be instructed to wait in their cars until the instructor “waves them in”. Clients will come into the facility and leave the facility one at a time. 

5. Hand sanitizer will be readily available at the entry/exit of the room for clients to use when coming in and when leaving. 

6. The room will be sanitized and door handles and chairs wiped downing between classes.