Puppy Stay and Train Program

What is Puppy Stay And Train?

Your puppy will stay in our trainer's home and learn in a family environment during the week, Monday - Friday. These puppies are treated like our personal dogs and will run puppy appropriate errands with us, play, explore and are exposed to people, children, other dogs etc. On the weekends your puppy will go home to live and bond with you.

We help you lay the frame work for achieving a well behaved dog. Creating new routines, leash skills and help with potty training, crate training and social skills. In a structured environment where good behavior is maintained throughout the day. We will introduce basic cues like sit, down, focus games, impulse control, communication skills. 

Exposure to real-world situations. We set a rock-solid foundation.
We also work on puppies being comfortable with handling for the vet and grooming.

We only take one puppy at a time so your puppy gets one-on-one personal attention. Will also attend our Puppy Program throughout the weekdays at our Day School.

This is a great way to start your puppies foundations and have them safely and positively exposed to many different environments.

As your puppy is learning you will get daily videos of progress, learning and adventures uploaded in a Google folder.

Puppies must have the appropriate vaccines for their age, clear fecal and exam by veterinarian prior to their stay.

Contact us for more information and to get your puppy started: allthatcanine@gmail.com