Real Life Training in the Real World
In our increasingly dog-friendly society, more and more people are bringing their dogs everywhere that the law permits it.  Cafés, breweries, wineries, walking trails, outdoor festivals, dog friendly stores and so much more.

"Real Life Training in the Real World" outings are held in the Monroe and surrounding areas. After being dropped off at our facility in the morning, the instructor will take your dog on daily training outings in various areas.  This is terrific socialization for your dog with tons of opportunities for practical application of skills they know from training at home or at our facility.

Your dog will develop positive social skills. The more positive experiences they have when they are young, the more social, optimistic & confident they grow up to be!

Training in multiple locations is just one way we teach your dog how to behave no matter what the circumstances. Your dog will learn how to show great restraint around exciting things such as people and other dogs.

These opportunities also give us the ability to teach them things like; to walk nicely on leash, not to jump on humans, to settle in all kinds of environments, sit and wait at crosswalks, to get in or out of a vehicle on cue.

Distraction proofing and teaching a dog how to behave outside of their home environment is necessary if you want the freedom and safety to bring your dog with you places
We offer full or half day of 1 on 1 training with a certified professional trainer.

What will my dog get out of this?

Full or half day of one on one training with a certified professional trainer in a variation of locations.  Some of the skills worked on include:
- Loose leash walking
- Calmness and restraint around exciting things like people, other dogs, traffic and crowds. 
- Polite Greetings
- The ability to settle in a busy environment. 
- Focus and accountability in distractions. 
- Reliability with commands in real life situations. 
- sit and wait to cross a road, at doorway entries and getting in and out of the car.

Full Day of Public training Every Tuesday for 4 weeks.  Total of 24 hours of one on one training plus a transfer session at the end of the four weeks for $1200

Half Day of Public training Every Tuesday for 4 weeks.  Total of 12 hours of one on one training plus a transfer session at the end of the four weeks for $600

Drop off between 8:30 - 9am- Pick up for full day is between 3:30 - 4pm and pick-up time for half day is 12:30-1:00pm . 

Pick-up time on the last day is scheduled so we can work one on one with you and your dog for a transfer session. We want you to be able to continue all the skills they learn each week. 

We do fill up fast! With two trainers we only take two dogs at a time for this program.  We currently have spots available in July and August.

*A free Temperament Consultation is required for all dogs entering this program.

*Dogs must be picked up by 4:00pm or there will be a late charge.

* Specialty training and behavioral training may incur additional charges.