Reactive Dog Private Lesson Package

Reactive Dog Private Lesson Package:  
This package of 4 private lessons is specifically designed for owners with reactive dogs. This is ideal if your dog is unstable on walks or in the presence of other dogs, people or objects like cars. Our trainers will teach you techniques to improve loose-leash walking, desensitization, redirecting unwanted behaviors and increasing your dog’s focus.

Your dog will learn to look to your for guidance when triggers are present, and you will gain confidence in knowing how to support them. Homework assignments will need to be completed after each lesson to be successful.

4 one hour sessions - $725

*the first two one hour lessons will be held at our facility.  The 2nd two one hour sessions will be held either at our facility or in a public setting based on the trainers discretion.

*Package must be completed within 6 months

Please email us at or call (203)441-3700 for scheduling and availability for private lessons. 

Base Price: $725

CT Tax: $46.04 (6.35%)

Total Price: $771.04